Interior Painting


  • PROVIDE FREE ESTIMATE- We will provide a detailed written proposal at the time of estimate.
  • COLOR CONSULTING- We will assist you with color suggestions and provide you with paint samples.
  • PROTECT AND COVER – We will cover all floors and furniture to protect them from any dust, paint, or scratches.
  • RETEXTURE AND PATCH- We will inspect and correct any wall or ceiling texture problems before painting.
  • REMOVE & REINSTALL HARDWARE- We will remove switch plates and outlet covers before painting walls.
  • PREP ALL SURFACES- We will prepare all surfaces before applying finish coats by sanding, caulking, and priming.
  • APPLY 2 COATS OF QUALITY PAINT- We will brush and roll two coats of high quality paint to walls.
  • SPRAY FINISH ON TRIM- We will sand, prime, and apply a spray finish on all doors and baseboards.
  • CLEAN UP & TOUCH UP- We will thoroughly clean up and touch up at the end of the job.
  • FINAL INSPECTION- We will do a final walk through and make sure you are completely satisfied.
  • WARRANTY- We will come back and touch up any work within the warranty period.
interior painting image interior painting image interior painting image interior painting image